As a Contract Mining Service company, Ledima Ditau Mining & Resources boasts a small to medium fleet of earthmoving equipment which includes articulated dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, pay-loaders, watercarts, graders and tractor loader backhoe’s.

We guarantee professional systems, well-trained operators from, trained and mentored by Trollope Mining Services with over 40 years of experience. With the capacity to move more than 150 000 bank cubic meters (BCM’s) per month per contract, we primarily aim to provide assets for the following:

  • Off-road haulage (Mine load and haul).
  • Bulk earthworks primarily for coal, gold, ore and other precious related minerals usage, recovery and refinery.
  • Provides the mining support services and associated services for open cast mines, surface shafts and plants.
  • Plant and machinery hire and industrial construction (Lightweight and heavy duty).
  • Ledima Ditau Mining & Resources is working with Trollope Mining Services to deliver a professional specialised service to clients using latest technology and strict maintenance regime for maximum machine availability listed below.
  • Ledima Ditau Mining & Resources working with Trollope Mining Services as their Enterprise Development incubation process have an experience in providing further mining support services, associated services for open cast mines.

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