ISO Accreditation

All our products are to be SABS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems compliant.

Construction and Industrial Development Board, registered and certified.

Letter of Good Standing with COID.

SABS - OHSAS 18001: occupational health and safety assessment series.


Affirmative action initiatives

We are currently under Enterprise Development initiative with Trollope Mining Services 2000 for 5-10 years ending 2027. We aim to introduce youth initiatives around previously disadvantaged areas to help curb unemployment and bridge skills improvement as part of social responsibility.



Ledima Projects is a Level 1 BBBEE company. We have just been awarded a new contract with TMS 2000 to supply them mine plant for 36 months, with options to renew.


The People

Our people are our major assets, every employee will be treated as individual and not a number.

Our successes are based on full efforts of every employee, partner and stake holders. We intend employing people with relevant skills based on business need and market challenges.


Social Responsibility

Ledima Projects is deliberately located in the township to take full advantage of the spatial economic set ups and assist with redress, thereby employing locals, assisting with skills and be employable against abject poverty, despondency and unemployment.

We also assist youths within the greater Delmas and Soweto communities with mentorships, job opportunities and books, encouraging reading culture and eliminating illiteracy, thus empowering their minds.